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While enjoying your stay and driving around nearby suburbs why don’t you take your rented car for a memorable cruise along the Hinterland and experience nature at her best?

The Hinterland is an area within South East Queensland that is made up of Nimmel Ridge, Numinbah Valley, Tambourine Mountain, and Tweed Range. This place also includes eastern parts of McPherson Range and western parts of suburban Gold Coast.

Make your way through winding roads and narrow pathways as you marvel at Hinterland’s scenery. And even though you can continue driving through Hinterland, it is best if you leave your car at a nearby motel and start walking instead.

There is so much to see and to enjoy once you reach the Hinterland and one very popular place to visit is Springbrook National Park where you will find the Natural Bridge, one of Springbrook’s most frequented spots and considered a World Heritage sub-tropical rain forest.

Another natural wonder to lay your eyes on is the Purlingbrook Falls. This attractive waterfall can be accessed via Purlingbrook Falls Circuit and you would, at least, spend about 2 hours walking before reaching it.

Once you finish off your tour of Springbrook, you can continue driving to Tambourine Mountain. You will be at awe once you enter Tamborine National Park where open forests and woodland pave the way for tall trees and much wildlife to survive. Lyrebirds and the elusive Platypus are among its popular inhabitants.

On Tamborine Mountain you will find two spectacular waterfalls that will stir your senses: Curtis Falls and the Cedar Creek Falls.

Curtis Falls is nestled in the rainforest of Tamborine National Park and can be reached by a short walk of at least 30-45 minutes. You will find huge basalt columns surrounded by a large rock pool and even see turtles basking on fallen tree branches and many fish and eels in the rock pool. It is also possible to catch a glimpse of a platypus, if you are lucky enough to see one. And at night, fancy your senses as glow worms start filling nearby cliffs and lighting up your surroundings.

Cedar Creek Falls will mesmerise you with its picturesque waterfalls that are spectacular especially during the wet season and offer a year-round natural swimming pool at its base. There is a variety of flora and fauna that will catch your senses and bush walks are present up and around the falls. You will surely love visiting this site.

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