If you don’t have any idea where to go and how to spend your time, motoring around can be quite tedious. Luckily for you, affordable car hire services are easily available and your immediate traveling needs can be promptly fulfilled. Simply call us up and we will take care of the rest for you. Visiting the beaches while driving around is an experience to remember, and speaking of beaches, there are a lot of them for you to play around in.

One of them is Harley Park where family, fun, and fantastic beach views come together providing an endless source of relaxation and entertainment. Para-sailing, boating, canoeing, and surfing are some of varied water sport activities you can get yourself busy with once you are in this location.

Situated in Labrador, Queensland, Harley Park is not only known for its beaches but also for its fish and chips and fresh seafood. You are going to have a wonderful time taming the waves while you surf or walking along the beach line while you watch the setting sun.

If you are done exploring Harley Park then you can drive to another location where you can really enjoy both beach and water sports at a different level. We can assist you in finding other interesting places to visit but nothing can beat this prime suburb in terms of beaches, beautiful bodies and breath-taking views.

Surfers Paradise is our answer to many beach enthusiasts who seek activities for both leisure and pleasure. This is a cosmopolitan suburb that houses tall buildings, elegant residential units, and lovely beach fronts that attract many tourists. And unlike other beach sites, Surfers Paradise is a thriving business and residential community that never fails to bring awe and inspiration to residents and visitors alike.

We will help you experience the best that Surfers Paradise could ever give. From driving along its busy highways to strolling along its brightly lit roads at night and everything else in between, you are sure to have an adventure worth remembering.

Your stay at Surfers Paradise is reason enough for you to fall in love with the Gold Coast. Happy people meet and greet you and beautiful bodies walk along coast lines that clearly make this place truly a “paradise on earth”.

An interesting water sport in Surfers Paradise is para-sailing. Para-sailing is a sport involving a parachutist being pulled by a motorboat until the individual is whisked high up in the air and is given a good bird’s eye view of the beaches and its surroundings.

Having a great time here does not require a lot of money to enjoy its beaches and inhabitants. And with Star Rent A Car to assist you in your traveling, you are guaranteed to having the best adventure yet.

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