Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Car Rental Rates

What do you mean by All Inclusive Rates?
It means you can rent your car with confidence! We pride ourselves on offering 5 Star service and 5 Star hire cars at a very competitive price with no hidden surprises. This means that your quoted price is the price you will pay when you arrive. Your rental car rate INCLUDES GST, Registration, Delivery and Pick Up (minimum rental period applies) and excludes a variety of other inventive charges that some less scrupulous companies charge which we at Star Rent A Car have never heard of (i.e rego recovery fee’s, admin fee’s, airport tax fee etc).

Your price also includes an additional driver at no charge (if applicable), free comprehensive Street Directory and Comprehensive Insurance (Standard Excess applies) and free baby and booster seats if you require one.

Whilst we appreciate that you may find a lower advertised price, we are confident that our prices are fair and very competitive with our only “EXTRAS” being great rental cars, excellent service at a fantastic price.

About Contacting Us

How do I make a reservation for a Car hire with Star Rent A Car?
You can obtain a quote online using the QUOTE REQUEST forms on our website’s rate page or by calling us on 1800 82 15 75 or  +61 416 833 183. You will then notify us via e-mail or phone that you want to make a DEFINITE booking and we will promptly e-mail you, your hire car confirmation.

What information do I need to provide you with in order to rent a car?
Full name, e-mail address and a contact number (mobile preferred) and your credit card details to guarantee your booking.  If you would like to expedite the procedure when you are taking delivery of your hire car, you can also supply us with your address and drivers license details (License Number, Place of Issue, Date of Birth, and Expiration Date). At the time of hire, we will also need to sight your license as well as a valid Visa or Master Card as security and regardless of method of payment.

About Payments

How do I pay for my rent-a-car?
Star Rent A Car accepts cash, Electronic Bank Transfers, Visa or Master Card. Please note that for credit card payments a bank processing surcharge will apply.

What if I don’t have a Credit Card?
Unfortunately we are unable to rent you a car if you do not have a valid Master Card or Visa. EFTPOS, Bank Cards, other types of credit/cash card, Medicare card etc can not be used as security on the rental vehicle.

What do you mean by security? Do you charge a bond?
Unlike some car rental companies, we do not require a bond. However, since you will be driving away with a rental car with a substantial value, we do require this additional form of security. This is not to say we don’t trust each and every one of you implicitly! On some cases  there may be a pre authorization on your credit card for security. The Amount will be taken it is just per authorization to insure availability of funds.

How do I call Star Rent A Car from overseas?
Please utilize e-mail where possible at . If you prefer to call us, will need dial +61 416 833 183 (where + stands for your country’s international dialing code which is 00 for New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Africa. 011 for North America)

How much deposit do I need to pay in order to secure my rental car?
Generally, we at Star Rent A Car do not require any advance payments or deposits. However we do require your credit card details to guarantee your booking as there are applicable cancelation charges.  Your account is settled in full at the time of delivery of your rent-a-car.

About Taking Delivery of Rental Car

i30 How do I take possession of my hire car at the Airport?
You will be met by a Star Rent A Car representative who will be displaying a sign with your name and flight number, at the airport arrival hall or the hotel reception, which will be clearly communicated to you at the time of your booking, where all relevant paperwork and instructions will be completed.

Can I return the rent-a-car to a different location than where I received it?
We appreciate that you may have different individual requirements and we will work with you to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Please note that additional charges are applicable for all rentals outside of Gold Coast metropolitan area, which include one-way pick up and drop-offs.

Can I pick up or return the car somewhere other than the Gold Coast or Brisbane?
We may occasionally service other locations in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Please contact us directly to discuss your individual needs.

What if I need to cancel my booking?
Please notify us of this as soon as possible by phoning 1800 82 15 75 or 0416 833 183. Cancellation fees apply.

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
Please advise us of the changes as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements according to the changes by calling 1800 82 15 75 or 0416 833 183.

Can I extend my car rental period?
Yes. if the car is available. Please notify us as soon as possible if you decide extend the rental period of your hire car, in order to avoid disappointment.

About Toll Ways

faqsHow Do I pay for Toll Ways?
In recent times there have been numerous additions to the toll ways in South East Queensland. All toll ways are now operating via free-flow, cash-less, electronic tag payment system. In other words you can no longer ‘stop and pay’ at the toll booths.

We have taken care of this for you, so you can travel with peace of mind and enjoy your driving experience, without the fear of incurring infringements or penalties. Your hire care is pre-fitted with an ‘E-Tag’ transponder. If you travel through a toll road, tunnel or bridge, the toll will be charged to you via the E-Tag fitted to your Rent A Car. Please note that we only charge for tolls retrospectively as it is impossible to determine if or how often the Hirer may use a toll way.

We will be billed at regular intervals by Queensland Motorways Authority, at which time toll charges will be assigned to the Hirer by using Number Plate Recognition Technology.

Toll charges may vary from location to location and by regular changes imposed by the Road Authority. Approximate cost/toll will be communicated to you at the time of the rental.

Please note that toll evasion is an offence and heavy penalties apply.

About Infringements

What happens if I get fined while I am renting a car?
If you are aware that you have been issued with an infringement notice such as a speeding or parking fine, we strongly encourage you contact the relevant authority and pay your dues.

In case of infringement notices such as speed camera fines which may arrive after you have returned home, we will nominate the driver via a Statutory Declaration.

Please note that further administrative fees may apply for processing and notarizing such declarations, imposed by Star Rent A Car.

About Our Cars

What types of hire car do you carry?
Please refer the FLEET page of our website for a full listing and description of our current fleet.

How old are your rental cars?
All of our vehicles are newly purchased, current and late models ensuring your safe motoring and enjoyable driving experience.

Are your rental cars equipped with an Air conditioner or Bluetooth?
Yes. All of our rental vehicles are equipped with A/C and Bluetooth as well as key-less entry/central locking. Depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer, most have cruise control, dual zone AC, tiptronic automatics, MP3/WMA players and auxiliary audio input to directly connect your iPod/iPhone or MP3 Players. All vehicles have 12V, DC power supply sockets to power your Satellite Navigation unit or suitable audio/video equipment.

How many passengers and how much luggage can I fit into my hire car?
We stock 4 sizes of rental cars, with the following general guidelines

  1. Small – 2 x Adults AND 3 x Children, 2-3 small cases
  2. Medium/Intermediate – 3 x Adults AND 2 x Children or 4 x Adults, 2-3 cases
  3. Large/SUV Wagon – 5 x Adults AND up to 2 x Children
  4. People Mover – 8 x Adults, 4 large cases and 4 small cases

What type of Baby/Booster seats do you offer?
Our baby seats are forward facing. The seats are rated 6 months to 4 years of age. We do not provide Baby Capsules for very young infants and we ask you to supply your own. Our standard boosters raise and contain the child, utilizing the hire car’s existing seat belts and require no installation. We have some “low-back”, cushion boosters that simply raise the child up. We ask all clients to check the child restrains PRIOR to use to ensure they are satisfied with their safety. We accept no responsibility on suitability of a particular restraint to a child or the laws governing each state in regards to child restraints.

Can I smoke in the car?
In the interest of public health and the presentation and ambiance of our rent-a-cars, for all to enjoy, smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please note that new Queensland laws prohibit smoking in cars if there are children present in the car.
Failure to adhere to our non-smoking policy will result in professional shampooing and deodorizing fees being imposed.

What happens if I lock my keys or run the battery flat in my Hire Car?
Mechanical faults and/or failures that are not due to driver abuse/negligence will be dealt with promptly by Star Rent A Car at our expense. Any issues arising with your rental car which are attributed to carelessness or negligence such as loss of keys, locking of keys inside the car, damaging the remote unit for key-less entry (e.g. getting it wet), running the battery flat by leaving the lights on and so on may attract a charge at Star Rent A Car’s discretion.

Your rent a car includes free 24 hour roadside assistance. Contact details are contained within your car.

What is the kilometre/distance allowance with Star Rent A Car?
All hire cars come with unlimited kilometres within a 250 km radius of Gold Coast. This means that you are free to travel to all the local attractions and venues that our wonderful corner of the world has to offer in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and region, Tweed Shire and Byron/Ballina etc.

What about the fuel? Do I have to return the rental car full?
We ask that you return the car with the same amount of fuel with which you received it.

What fuel should I use?
Unleaded Fuel only unless otherwise specified. Most vehicles perform better and burn less fuel when higher grade of 95 or 98 is used, we therefore ask that you fill up with 95 or 98 octane unleaded fuel.

About Insurance Cover

What sort of Insurance cover is provided with my hire car?
All of our rental vehicles are registered in the correct class and are comprehensively insured. However there is a standard excess payable for all insurance claims and it is possible to reduce this amount by paying an additional daily amount.
Generally if the driver is over 25 years of age, the standard excess is $3000 or $4000 (depending on the car) which can be reduced to $450 or $550 respectively. Higher Standard and Reduced Excesses apply to drivers between the ages of 21-24 and drivers over the age of 70.

Are You licensed to operate out of airports?

What if my Travel Insurance covers the rent-a-car excess?
This is a matter for you and your Insurer. We can not give you advice or guidance on third-party insurance covers. The Insurance is just an option for you to take or decline. Just bear in mind that without it we have to preauthorize your credit card (debit cards are not accepted.) for the $3000.00 or $4000.00 (depending on the car) excess which will be release back to you upon safe return of the car. Alternatively you could provide Star Rent A Car with a certified bank cheque which will be deposited back to your nominated bank account upon safe return of your hire car. Please note that, Star Rent A Car has no affiliation with any other third party insurance company. In instances where third party insurance cover is purchased through another entity, the hirer will be liable the full insurance excess and will need to seek reimbursement from the third party insurance cover independently.

Do I have to reduce the excess? I am a pretty careful driver!
We certainly hope that all of our clients are careful and responsible drivers. You are of course free to decide on the amount of excess. However please be advised that whilst you are in charge of the rental car, you are responsible for any damage, HOW SO EVER CAUSED, pending a satisfactory outcome in remedying the loss and/or damage.

What age restriction are there to hire a car with Star Rent A Car?
Generally you have to be 25 years of age or older, with an open and unrestricted license. We are unable to offer you a rental car if you are under 21, over 79 or do not possess an open and valid license, which voids the insurance cover.

Can I take my rent-a-car off-road?
No. All rental vehicles have to stay on Tar Seal roads; otherwise the insurance will be voided.

What do I do if I am involved in an accident?

  1. Stay calm and at the scene of the accident
  2. Attend to any injuries first and notify the Police and/or Ambulance Service by dialling 000 from any phone
  3. Obtain all the particulars of the other driver involved if applicable (Full name, license details, address and contact phone numbers, Registration number of the other vehicle, their insurance details) as well as the details of any witnesses
  4. Never admit fault. This is a matter for the Insurance companies and/or the Police
  5. Inform Star Rent A Car by calling 1800 82 15 75 or 0416 833 183.

For more information you can view

How do I know if any damage on my hire car was not pre-existing?
All of our rental cars are meticulously maintained and are usually free of any damage. Regardless all Renters will be invited to inspect the car fully at the time of hire. Any existing damage is clearly noted and signed for by the hirer, when taking delivery of their rent-a-car.

About Your Privacy

Will you share my personal information with anyone else?
Absolutely not. We only collect enough information in order to serve you better during your first and subsequent car rental needs. We will not disclose, share or sell any collected information to third parties except in cases where we have your explicit permission or we are required or authorized to do so by law. Please refer to the Privacy link of our website for further info.